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Terminus is a project built by a couple of psychologists, working most of the time on mind experiments, exploring worlds that we can't see except if we watch deeply inside ourselves.
Making songs is a kind of way for them to try to open multiples doors to a parallel dimension they called AИTI : a place where time doesn't exist, where we all are mind-connected, and where Fake and Reality are only one and the same thing.


released April 8, 2013

Cover Credits : Julien Babigeon (julienbabigeon.com)
Mix & Mastering executed by Thomas Fourny
Many Thanks Dudes.



all rights reserved


Terminus Scituate, Rhode Island


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Track Name: Anabel Lee
We were two children lovesickers
I and my Annabel Lee
This maiden lived with no more thought
Than to love and be loved by me
The angels, not half so happy in heaven,
Went envying her and me
All the nighttide, I lie down by
The side of my darling, my bride.
For the moon, never beams
Without bringing me dreams
Of Annabel Lee.
Track Name: House of Mind
You want to feel somebody
But never fall in love again.
So how will frost go away ?
When you never believe in love..
There are so many times…
And your eyes, they’d better open up on the light
Tonight, i’m suffering, insane,
There’s nothing to complain,
Caus’ tonight, are you suffering ?
Because I m’taking you up there
There’s nothing anywhere…
Caus’ tonight, are you suffering ?
Track Name: Theoreme
He was searching for some better
Wispering some preys in the night
There were hidden shades in the cut breathe
Watching for their prays, dresses for crime
She’s not far but he can’t see her
Waiting for a sign
Hoping grace will unlighten his face
I want the beauty on, and the game is over
Leave your golden life away
How long it takes before he find me awaked ?
Behind a tree she hopes he’ll know where to find her
In the darkness of the night…
Track Name: Life Has No End
Come back to me, as your soul never gains
Come back to me, as your soul will never be free
Come back, to keep, to care…
Will you warm me to stay ? in my favorite place…
Will you warm me again and again ?
But now, i’m wavering, i’ll keep you somewhere else again…
Come back, please…Look i fall in love as well
The dark has been and it’s still hard to believe
I’m back for watching you and trying the same..
Will warm me to stay oh my favorite place
Will you warm me again and again ?
But now wavering, i’ll keep you somewhere else again…